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Say Hello: Conversation between space

So I have been spending time with Adele’s new album 25. this album marks a departure of Adele from a great deal of the heartbreak that was featured in her first two albums. I find it refreshing and very melodic. Spending time with this album makes me really think about missed connections and conversation.

The feature song, “Hello” has been through the satirical ringer with all the parodies, memes and jokes but there is something with that. A Hello is powerful, beckoning for more.  I thought to myself about how much I enjoyed this album while the radio song in Hello it is far from the best track on the 14 song deluxe version. For me, “When we were young” is my go to, this may change but currently with the time that I have spent this is by far the song that most resonates with me.

Going back to the song Hello, we have all made it to the other-side in one manner or another.

I would say “Hello” recalling  a specific individual who I will refer to as R. I can say that we have made it to our adulthood and while it was a long and hard journey for the two of us I am happy for the time that we got to share together. See I knew R in high school, while I will say that she was a friend at times our relationship was strained, complicated and messy. I would approach her as always with an excitement and eagerness knowing that our relationship has changed. Knowing that the place she holds in my heart now is more like that of a little sister who has made great accomplishments. There are many out there who have a hard time reconciling male-female relationships and fail to bridge the gap from romantic to platonic. I am fortunate in this fact that I have been able to have been able to maintain platonic relationships with all of my female friends. The truth behind these relationships is that you have to believe and want it to work. Upon our meeting I would say “Hello” and we would have our standard. I would pull R aside and say what I failed to tell her years prior. I would say a simple, “Thank you”.   Telling R that I am glad that she was a part of my life.

You see R saved me, not in a literal sense of almost dying but she helped me come to several self realizations.  I am not sure she ever really understood how much she meant but  she kept me grounded at a time when I was very close to the edge. I made my piece with the other individual involved with this situation long ago and felt that it was time to let go of all the hesitation.

So I’m letting go of all of my inhibition to say hello and tell you that no matter how out of touch we are or become you will always hold a dear piece of my heart that I recall fondly. A great deal of the trouble that I caused was only for both our benefits and through these actions I made both of us stronger. I cherish our moments good and bad, up and down but I tell you as a responsible adult recalling moments past with an earnest fondness in my heart to say, Thank You.



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