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Theme: Addiction

Addiction is a state characterized by compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli, despite adverse consequences. It can be thought of as a disease or biological process leading to such behaviors.

Reading several articles about addiction and the journey that those that are faced with it take has been lingering in my thoughts. On some level I wish that I could truly sympathize with these individual. While have known several individual with strong addictions to substances I find it extremely hard to ever imagine letting a single substance or feeling consume me. Maybe it is because I find that my mind wanders so often that I need a different creative outlet that will not let me stay in a stagnant state of mind. Don’t get me wrong I like liquor and when I was younger indulged in recreation drugs but nothing too serious. The though of not being in control just does not appeal to me.

1252095675_addiction_1004106So I present this weeks playlist that focuses more on addiction and the feels that I can empathize with. I understand the need for an outlet I just do not like to give up control.


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