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Exhaustion Exhalation

There are times when I get to feeling exhausted. My body is worn, mind fatigued and an unwavering restlessness sweeps over me. In these moments I when I feel most exhausted I know it is time to step back evaluate, assess and examine the stress from over exertion.  I get like this sometimes at the end of the year with the multiple holidays, work and just the go-go-go of life. It is hard to find a balance and as I take time for balance and to get things done I only exhaust myself that much more.  So in these times I find that music really does wonders. I am not a big fan of Christmas music. I would not say that I hate it but given any other choice, I would choose the alternatives. I like some songs but fine spending any amount of time over a 3-4 minute some too excessive.  While this season I will bring myself to a calm I needed to just listen for a while. Listen to the song, melodies and excitement of life.

This weeks theme for hyfer Tuesday is exhaustion. Letting it roll over you, finding peace and escaping the over saturated Christmas music. Let the songs carry you, wash over you like exhaustion always does your mind pulls, the body becoming limp and the comfort encompassing. Listen to the melodies and cadence, feel yourself getting lost in the lyrics and exhale. Move forward and breathe through the exhaustion to a new year that holds promise of things to come new adventures to have and new music to experience.

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