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Country Renaissance

When I think about music and genres that I often peruse through country sticks out for its distinct style. I can’t say that I am a passionate fan of this genre but I have a love for some of the classics.  I enjoy listening to the likes of  Willie Nelson, Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson and Sheryl Crow to name some of my favorites. To talk about my relationship with country music we have to first understand the quintessential aspects of the genre.
The classics will always carry the genre, but there is a formula much like any genre. There are aspects that define what country music is. Country music pulled me in because there were always memorable stories that were told within the verses. Though I could not relate in relation to location as I was a city kid and because the vast majority of country songs are written by individuals raised in rural areas, exposed to economic and social challenges, or been motivated by an individual’s spiritual foundation. I was still captivated and awe-struck by the stories within the song that seemed to draw me in and make me want to be more involved. They produced emotionally moving, personally inspiring, and easily identifiable experiences that most can relate to. Whether I was listening to traditional folk, bluegrass, Celtic, hillbilly or modern country, the story was touching a beautiful poem that spoke to someones individual life experience. Because of these characteristics I was draw to country music.
I found my reference to country music it was the poetry in the music. Harmony, spirituality, faith and struggle are all concepts present in the genre that I saw as a positive nature in which artist told stories. While I really in joyed the classics in recent years there was a stark decline in these aspects in the genre as a whole. I found less and less of the enriched stories that had poetic undertones and more and more of music that had been saturated by commercialism. I missed the passion and poise that had me captivated for songs.
Then in 2014 I found myself finding more and more artist returning to the roots of the genre. I was captivated at the progression, resurgence and enthusiasm in the genre from artists. The resurfacing of the prophetic story tellers in country music brought me to understand the new life that was breathed in the genre. I started to see many parallels between the urban poetic melodies of hip-hop and rap with the new country music. It was refreshing the stories in music were becoming Warhol’s, beautiful painting depicting life. Living testaments of melodic songs that captivated my time and ears.  I found new artists that I enjoyed. The music of Sam hunt, Kasey Musgraves, Miranda Lambert, Kelsea Ballerini and Darius Rucker to name a few featured these rich stories that had previously brought me to the genre.
I found myself with a new understanding and passion for country music, artists that I was now on the watch for and an appreciation for those that solely love the genre above all else. I love being an eclectic, especially when it comes to music there is no other feeling like finding the connection between genres. The listening to the different stories, journeys and circumstances of artists from different background then mixing the genres filtering stories under your lens. For me there has been a resurgence in country for others there may not have been any change but to me there seem to be a change in perspective this is mine what is yours. 
So I wanted to include my current favorite for the genre take a look at the video by Sam hunt.

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