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A new year a new me?

So I wanted to do a simple year wrap-up and introduction to the new year though I am somewhat lost on what it is that I want to say. I look back over the year and I made great strides in defining my blog in 2015 while I know I still have more places to go and further growth I feel that after blogging of a little over a year now I have a good handle on what is needed. I am sorry that I cant say that I am following what that is though. I feel that I am letting my readers down in a way but I want to keep the blog authentic and true to my style not putting out content for the sake of publishing something that you can read. I want each post to tell a story. I want you to be able to be able to empathize with the humanity in my voice and let the music wash over your soul.  I want my readers to understand my journey and the interconnection with music be it the melody, harmony, rhythm, tempo or whatever.
I look over the year reviewing the good and bad, advancements and failures and the learned experiences. For the new year I want more. More engagement with the reader. More posting and more robust posts. So while I am still working on my style I will bring the weekly hyfer playlist which may change in format but will still be inspired by a theme and life. While on that series of posts I promise which may be published in februray but still has not been deciede and I want a few more of the music posts like I was doing earlier really focusing on my thoughts from a single song and how I interpret it. So look forward to a new year and a more spearheaded direction.
A new year and a new me, naw I think not to many resolve to change things that make them who they are I only seek to enrich what is already present. Now follow me on this direction for 2016.

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