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I found inspiration for this post form Kat from Katblogs, I was reading her post,  This blog is for who? which offered insight to who she was writing to with her posts. She was self identifying her readers. I thought that this was such a good way to address your audience. I also found that I immediately thought of a song by Rick Ross ft. Drake, Aston Martin Music. A song which for me embodied the feeling of premium musical enjoyment a conversation about being caught up just like I am with music.
Lately there has been a disconnect for me with my audience. What my message is and where are we going. I asked the reader to follow me on my journey experiencing life. I have had a good ride so far and expect many more days enjoying watching my daughter grow and mature. Spending time with my wife and just living making new experiences.
So if you ask me who this blog is for?
  • the intellectual that escapes the monotony of the day by listening to Pandora play as he or she conquers their work day.
  • the person who sings in the shower jamming out in the music.
  • the person riding in their car singing at the top of their lungs to the music on the car stereo.
  • the classically trained musician
  • the kid/adult in the band
     The person who knows that “music is life” is more than just a phrase or passing fancy it is breathing, inhaling the melody, tempo, spirit and exhaling the passion putting it to use. So if you ask me who is this blog for it is for the person that music is a vital part of their being.

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  1. Kat January 9, 2016

    This song is very “chill” I love it. 🙂

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