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The time away from the blog was chaotic, I missed writing. One of the reasons I started this blog was to get back to writing. Time away with family and friends provided much needed laughter and Enjoyment.  These weeks have been busy traveling to the east coast during the storm of the century for a funeral and a stressful visit to the doctor with my daughter. Additionally we were still recovering from the Christmas season trying to get back into a routine. I took the time off to set goals for this year. Smart goals that would actually be achievable, I’m still not sure that some are but we will see what happens together.

2016 brought with it the 20 year anniversary of the band the Fugees, yes I said band. Though most would classify them as a hip-hop group I agree with an interview that I was on Complex’s YouTube channel with Wyclef Jean that they are a band. The style, finesse and prowess that this band uses to speak to current events, emotional states and life feel more like a band than a group. Honoring them during this time I had the original album, The Score on repeat for a couple of weeks straight. The time spent with it was amazing. There were great insights blogging direction, personal finances and career development. 

Sounds, melodies from the track, Ready or Not, permeated my thoughts and sharpen my focus. Thinking about the blog, I am not sure if I am sending a single message. Have I found my niche?  Considering what my title  means, should I change it? Does the post format fit the style? Do the serial post actually provide reader engagement? And should I upgrade from the free account to premium service. These questions have been spending through my mind. Moving from free to premium service is a defining commitment. It would mean devoting more time to my blog. This is time away from my wife and daughter so I have to make sure that I am ready for it. Has anyone made the jump from free to premium do you recommend it? Are there any pointer that you could give?  Additionally on this point many of the other tracks further reinforce change and momentum. The Fugess are a band that exhibit change, awareness and call to action.  A call to action was what was needed for me to focus. Not realizing that this was happening the thoughts of making my blog a more full time commitment as opposed to a side project, looking at were our family needs to be financially by the end of the year in considering adding to our family and what I want out of the 40 hours a week that I spend away from my family. These were all questions that started burning thought my brain making the wheels turn. With the wheels turning I need feedback what are your thoughts?

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