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A Better Grandson

This past weekend we went to visit my grandparents. Normally we plan our visit closer to my grandfather’s birthday during the last few weeks of February, unfortunately this year right when we planed to go my daughter L got sick. We postponed the trip until last weekend.
I feel a little apprehensive and down about this. Leading up to the trip I had been feeling ashamed as I had not seen nor spoken with my grandparents in a little over a year. That was unfortunate being that I am really close with them. There are many excuses that I could make but all fall short. This was a time that my grandparents needed me. My grandmother lost her father last April and the loss of a parent is hard no matter what age you are. He lived until 96 this was a long life fulfilled but still sad to loose such a great man. Once we got up there I learned that my grandmother had open heart surgery and I felt even worse.
My grandparents are not young my grandfather just turned 80 his birthday and my grandmother is 70. I know life gets hectic and I have a toddler to take care of but not being there for them through this difficult time makes me disappointed in myself. I say that I want tone better but it is hard those are just colorful words unles put into action. A better grandson I need to first determine what that looks like, so I working on it becoming better each day. I learned too much from these two not to make it a priority.
These two have always been an inspiration in their relationship, knowledge , and spirituality. They are my ultralight beam. Listening to Kanye’s new song about faith and strength make me cherish the time that I am able to have with them. If I can be even half the people they are I would be  proud. Though they have their flaws I can recall the many summers and vacations that I was able to spend with them visiting museums, aquariums, shopping and just hanging out around the house. The love and respect that I have for them makes it all the more important to me to be a better grandson.

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  1. Jeanette Hall March 18, 2016

    You gave them respect by keeping your sick child away from them! Think how bad you would have felt if you literally gave them an illness that ended up killing them. If they have a phone, make it a practice to call them more frequently. Called my grandparents at least once a month while I was attending college. Not the same as actually visiting, but at least we got to talk for a few minutes!

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