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New shoes with a twist

Though we are coming to the end of the week I needed to talk about last weekend. The weekend was inspired by a Franz Ferdinand’s song Take Me Out it really captures the organized chaos that was experienced over the course of the weekend. My in-laws were in town for their usual monthly visit as always we enjoyed the time spent as it offers myself and my wife a refreshing and relaxing time with others also watching our little girl. I say relaxing because whenever they are visiting I am able to get things accomplished, speak candidly about what I’m thinking and just bounce ideas off of them. They provide a well spring of knowledge and experience that I can elicit feedback and ideas so that I feel more confident for some the ideas that I have regarding jobs, family and life.  While they were here I needed to get two errands accomplished: 1. take my wife jean shopping and 2. get both her and our daughter L, new shoes. Take me out was just how the weekend went. We went out  for several hours to get shoes and lunch while on little sleep since my daughter woke up crying throughout the night and would not go to sleep most of the weekend. Sunday we decided to take L to the sick clinic at our doctor’s office, come to find out she has and is still battling a double ear infection which made for a grumpy and disgruntled, L, this also explains why she didn’t sleep most of the visit. Needless to say it was comforting to have my in-law to help out.

Like most of the times my mother-in-law comes she brought with her a few articles that she thought would be good for me to read. I read both which were from the New York Times magazine. Each article offered a different perspective on the work place and finding your way in the job market. It always seems funny to me when I read these articles as they touch on the current stat of our economy, the way millennials view the job market and work place dynamics but they all seem to forget that each of us is different. No two people usually have the same experience. I am at times at a loss for how naive I am was when I think about the decisions I made when I first started working now I only venture to make sure I am fulfilled. Blogging at least provides a much need creative outlet and with each day I add a little to the experience. Refine each interaction and move forward more motivated.

I also had the opportunity to take some time to myself and step back define what I needed for my blog and what I was missing. I am looking for ways to maximize my new music experience. Ways in that I can find new artist, discover new genres and just enjoy the music. YouTube and Soundcloud have helped in this as well as trying to use Tumblr but I am still looking for more ways to connect.

Through Tumblr and Pitchfork I found an artist named Aurora that had a new album come out and from what I heard she offers something new. The music is refreshing and peaceful take a listen when you get a chance.

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