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Dear Reader

Dear Reader,

I hope all is well, after reading some old letters that I had received from my mother-in-law, I wanted to find a way to express my ideas but not necessarily in a conversation format. I like the daily post, “If we were having coffee” but for me I find that it is far too restrictive. Every time I start to write a post using that format I get lost in the conversation. Most of the conversations that I have I tend to feed  off of the personal interactions. The body language, responses and atmosphere so I find it really difficult to write for people that I do not have any context for the interaction.  The readers to me are vague and somewhat ambiguous individual that I am trying to form a personal relationship but have not yet gotten there. 

With that said I thought that a letter was more fitting. taking cues and notes from previous letters that I have written and received. I feel that this is a freeing concept that allows me to express the thoughts that I have been struggling with. I enjoy the time spent with you posting the varies weekend endeavors and highlights of my life while also being part of a community that provides both support and encouragement.

Last weekend was the first interactive Easter for my daughter. We took her to a church easter egg hunt it was a bit comical due to the fact that we do not regularly attend this church and were invited by an old friend. I struggled a bit with the competitive attitude of some of the people from my past but I brushed it off. Remembering that this is their nature and no matter what some things never change. My daughter had fun though she is becoming much more possessive of what is hers. I repeatedly have to tell her she needs to share.  I understand that some of this is part of her being an only child but daycare does help. We are getting better at balancing the selfishness that we see with ideas of sharing. It may take some time but I see an ending. This weekend we went out with that old friend and a few of her other friends and family for her thirtieth Birthday. If you follow me on twitter you know we went out to laser tag. It was a fun time followed up by lunch at a burger place. I realized that some things never change. these people seem to have the same priories, same vices and I am just not in that place. I have moved on understanding that not everyone matures but you hope that they do. It makes me thankful that like the Bryson Tiller song “exchange”, I exchanged most not all of my immaturity for a better life and partner. My wife, K and daughter L, make life all worthwhile.

Last week was also a bit of a trial for me. I had applied for several jobs one of which would require a move for my family and would allow for better career placement. Unfortunately I just heard back that I was not pursued as a candidate following a phone interview. I have been trying to progress my career for the past several years with no luck. I wish I could understand why but from what I can tell I am not sure. I have reached out to HR contacts and friends for advice all have the same type of encouragement saying that my work and resume provide the necessary skills for most of the jobs that I apply and it must be something else. I realize that some of this is because I am a black male but I just want to be judge for the merit of my work. An opportunity to showcase my skills and  be appropriately compensated for it.

Well I think I have been on my soapbox long enough. Know I wish you the best and as always. A small sweater and headphones will always be my guide. 

Sincerely yours, 


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