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You may not be aware, but I have a fascination and love of Biographies and autobiographies. There is something that resonates with me about the hearing a persons story. Each of us have experiences that define us and we make connections through shared experience or empathetic correlations that we make with one another, so the act of reading and discovering someone else story is moving.

I have never been one to understand journalism as a whole. I understand the need for transparency and the thirst to know and understand but for me as a person, people no matter the status deserve a privacy. Do not get me wrong I love a good story, hearing about the exploits of entertainers, musicians and athletes but there has to be a level of decency. This week the two visual insights are from these two fascinations the first is a biography of an innovative musical Pimp C, whose music and demeanor influenced music as a whole. The second speaks to the candid responsibility that journalist have to ask the tough questions, seek the truth and allow for transparency. These two videos made me think about how I’m influenced by the artist, music, entertainment and news and I feel that it is why I ask myself the hard questions. I go back and try to get to my reasoning why I have made some of the decisions that I have and how I will make future ones. I hope you can take inspiration from these two insights and so grow as a person. Have fun and enjoy this weeks visual insights.

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