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Already Home

My anniversary was Friday so I needed to take a time to just spend time with my wife and relish the time there. For each year that passes, I’m reminded of the obstacles we have faced and trials we have been through. Each anniversary is a time to recount success and learn from failures. This anniversary is no different.

This year marks 9 years, while I am happy for the many congratulation and acknowledgment, it is depressing that this is considered a long time by today’s standards. I think about my parent’s generation and grandparents generations that have people that have made it multiple decades long and that is what I wish for. I know you have to start somewhere but the empty congrats and acknowledgment do not give me hope for the future that my daughter will find someone like I have. A soul-mate, a partner, a friend and a companion someone I can share all my thoughts, fears, successes and failures and at the end of it all I know that they will still stand with me. I found my Angel much like the song by Natasha Bedingfield:

Just like a shadow
I’ll be beside you
I’ll be your comfort
I’m there to guide you home
I will provide you a place of shelter
I want a be your zone

Do, do, do..
Tell me what you wanted me to do
I’ll make it great to be a man
With a woman who can stand
On every promise, giving
Making vows to please her man

If I could be your angel
Your angel, your angel
Protect you from the pain
I’ll keep you safe from danger
You’ll never hurt again, no more
I’ll be your a.n.g.e.l
I’m gonna be your a.n.g.e.l
I’ll be your angel
The accomplishment of 9 years is something to cherish, but for us it is hard. We have struggled, we argue and we make-up and it is through this cycle that our relationship grows stronger. I always tell my wife that she is my home. Not a physical location like our house but a sentiment of finding the place where I can lay everything bare. The significance of that for me is profound and I want our daughter to one day find someone that can love her in the same way. Well, I think to understand you must know that like the song by Jay-Z, I’m already home continuing to build and grow as we strive to make our relationship last long than those of our parents and grandparents generations.
Oh, they want me to fall (fall)
Fall from the top (top)
They want me to drop (drop)
They want me to stop (stop)
They want me to go (go)
I’m already gone (already)
The shit that I’m on (hey)
I’m already home

[Bridge: Jay Z]
Hey, I’m already home
Now one more ‘gin

So as always walk with me on this journey with a small sweater and some headphones.

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