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Ebb and Flow Part II

It’s been a while as the weeks flow on like water from a tap I have been moving and shaking to make things better for my family. You see toward the beginning of the year I didn’t know if I would have a job as my company announced layoffs. With the thought of being jobless, I applied to two jobs and managed to have the opportunity to get a call back from one. What started out as a backup plan turned into an opportunity that I could not refuse. The Job called back and after several interviews one in which needed me to give a presentation I received an offer. I accepted as this means more growth potential, a better financial situation for my family and peace of mind as it is no longer working for a contract company.
These past few weeks I’ve been writing, looking for the right words to tell you about my experience of letting one job go and moving to the next. My transition made me see a lot of things more clearly. How I was definitely undervalued at my previous company as the place which I was contracted at provided me with more support on future endeavors than my company. I would be remiss if I said I would miss working for them but I devoted nearly five years to them and did not get so much as a thank you for service.

I understand that we are businesses of one, marketing ourselves as the product of the position in jobs where we would be most content. I just thought that time meant something. It does for me it means experiences with colleagues and making an effort.

Yo Gotti’s The Art of Hustle is what’s inspiring me. The below lyrics breath as I start this new journey. A new month a new direction. While I reach back to make sure that I maintain relationships I nurtured. I look forward to new possibilities and learnings. My art of hustle is calling. I hope you find yours.

As always walk with me on this journey with a small sweater and some headphones.

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