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Missing in action

Been M.I.A, life has been stressful hectic and just one really bumpy ride since changing jobs. Working on focusing on goals, structuring my life and re-evaluating priorities. I’ve not been writing, it is just something that I put off. I started to dread looking a blank sheet. Not knowing:

What did I want to say?
where did I want to go?
Where did my message go?
What was the point?
Why do I even bother?

These were questions that I started to plague my subconscious. Is there a point to my blog? I was missing my message. Sure music is what connected my voice. It focused and does focus my conversation. Music is the soul that give my word flight and yet I started to dilute that. I started fearing the blank space. Like Schoolboy Q’s album I’ve been on a journey to find That Part. You know that part of the connection that I first fell in love with when writing. I started to think that maybe writing in the sense of words on the page is not what I wanted. I am more into a discussion, dialog. A blog in most cases is a one-way portrayal of information and opinions. I needed something more fluid. Something that could capture the human experience. I thought maybe a podcast so I’m looking into that with using twitter as a mechanism of questions. I want feedback. There needs to be an interaction.

Just like how I interact with the music, on another level I need that give and take. The reality and rawness of a conversation. Hearing the voice of correspondence. Listening to the Black Keys, Little black submarine;

Little black submarines
Operator please
Put me back on the line
Told my girl I’d be back
Operator please
This is wreckin’ my mind
Oh can it be
The voices calling me
They get lost
And out of time
I should’ve seen it glow
But everybody knows
That a broken heart is blind

These words start to capture my thought process. While I am thankful for my readers who have been patient with me. I need you to wait just a little more. I am working on things. I am still all about the interaction between music and conversation lets just take it to the next step.

Again, as always walk with me on this journey with a small sweater and some headphones.

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