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Did Pete Cry?

“Goodness, no!!; The moral of pete’s story is no matter what comes your way keep on walking along singing your song.” -Eric Litwin, Pete the cat I Love my white shoes


pete the catThis passage reminds me why I started this blog. I started it for the peace of mind. A means to get the thoughts on my mind out to the world. A method to build community. A plan to have meaningful conversations. Blogging was an artistic outlet. It still is all those elements. I often peer into my daughter’s eyes when reading her a bedtime story. Sometimes I find her gleaming back at me with anticipation. We both enjoy this book. I enjoy reading it. She enjoys hearing it. The book teaches us why it is important to persevere in the face of obstacles.

2016 was a year of wonderful successes a new job, supporting co-workers and a clear career path. It was likewise one filled with obstacles. The decision to leave my previous job, my parents experienced health issues and a death in the family. Each of these experiences helped me further understand why I blog. I’m still working on my “Why I blog” post. I am struggling to redefine what this blog means. That is to say, the blog is a part of what keeps me grounded and sane. This is particularly important when life can be chaotic and at times insane. This made me realize that 2016 was a year of missed opportunities. I missed opportunities to make good on 2016 blogging goals, writing goals and creative endeavors that I had set.

I’m making 2017 different. For too long I’ve internalized my goals with no success. Now I am positioned to implement improvements. I’m improving my process. Like climbing a mountain. I’m focused on increasing my success by using the tools established at work in my home and creative space. I am internalizing what I’m reading and teaching putting into practice these lessons. I’m in the business of continual improvement so why not improve my blogging? 2017 is the year that I reflect what I do for business in my creative space. So like Pete the cat I’m going to continue walking along singing my song with the following goals in mind:

2017 Blogging Goals:

  1. The Challenge: Post/Publish at least to 2 entries a month.
  2. This will keep me honest and consistent. It will also let you my readers know when you can read new material.
  3. Engagement: Nurture/Develop more meaningful blogging/peer relationships with readers. I intend to engage in more question and answers through twitter. So if you are not following me you should. I want to post topics that spur conversation. Keep a dialogue going.
  4. Increase followers to 300 by the end of 2017
  5. Create a new post category that emphasizes the process improvement experience. How this thought process works and can be used.  

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