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Go Get Improvement

Understandably there many things that I could do better. I’m not perfect. I’m human. Imperfect by nature and design. This, however, is what makes us remarkable in our capacity to change. I often write about change and introspection but what is the point, If we learn nothing from these experiences. The point you ask? The point is moving the needle forward.

I start this series as a way to actualize a target. Something that I have commented on for a while now. Provide my readers with value from visiting my space in the world. I want you to have a way to improve your life. Make things simpler. Besides a unique perspective, I offer insights into process improvement. Much like the song “Go get it” by TI, I want you all to go get it. Understand how you can make your life more productive. More efficient.  Process improvement if implemented can help you be more successful.


My day job, is process improvement. It provides me a necessary outlet to express the creative and teacher aspects of my personality. You ask what exactly is process improvement, well it is the use of strategies, methodologies and critical problem-solving processes to increase flow and generate value. Very technical I know, but realistically it’s making things simple through the elimination of waste. When we get back to the basics we tend to uncover the inconsistencies in a process and are able to eliminate the inessential steps. You know that go get it effect. Knowing we have a problem or issue and being motivated enough to want to do something about it. 

Lean is a core methodology that I implement. This is one of the foundational building blocks for process improvement. What is LEAN? Well, first it is not an acronym. It is a methodology that focuses on team efforts to improve performance by systematically removing waste to increase flow and providing value to customers.  That is technical and yet simplistic. Meaning that lean is about getting a core group of people together to systematically solve a problem. Solving this problem the group focuses on eliminating waste by determining the key failure of the process. Often I’m asked if this only applies to the workplace. My response is, “No”. The lean methodology can be applied anywhere that there is a problem or pain point because it is about improvement. Making use of the resources one has to improve performance.

Implementing lean first takes an understanding of waste. Waste as a fundamental aspect of lean is defined as anything not required to complete a process or task successfully. The reason why this is important is because once you remove waste the only thing left is value. We define waste in 8 categories. These categories have similarities and often overlap but are easy to remember through the Acronym DOWNTIME.

Once the waste is eliminated value is the only thing left. You may ask how do I know what is the value? What is valuable about processes? Well, Value is any step in a process necessary to meet customer needs. We as customers determine value through 3 conditions:

Drive customer satisfaction

Product/service  optimization

Shows up to a customer at point needed.

Let me give you an example, let’s take a CD, for instance, we have come to expect a standard CD to have 10 songs. So the desire (standard) is a CD with 10 tracks. IF we get a CD and it has a booklet of album art, 15 tracks and a digital copy of the songs this is what we call a delighter. When we were not expecting anything but 10 tracks on a cd. Now if we receive a cd with 5 tracks this is a detractor, meaning it did not meet our minimum requirement. We as the customer have determined the value. This is known as the voice of the customer. A process of identifying what the customer needs are. In most processes and problems the value steps are less than 5% of any process.

The reason this makes me so excited is it helps people, like me and you make our lives simpler. We struggle with many things in life. There will always be something to fix. There is always something to improve. When implementing lean and understanding the thought process behind it, we as individuals are able to make strides toward a more succinct life.  So let me show you how to apply these concepts to your life, your work and see the rhythm in improvement. Just like T.I., 


I got a grind, won’t stop, hustle won’t quit
Shine like no other, I be on some other shit
I got high price lifestyle, super bad bitch
If I want it, bet I got it
If I don’t bet all I gotta do is
Go, get it, stay up out my business
Ball ’til I fall, flossin’ til I’m finished
I just go, get It, stay up out my business
I’m living just to kill it, stacking millions to the ceiling I just go



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