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Tunnel Vision

Hear the whizzing, the buzzing, the knocking sounds as the slow melodic tunes of John Legend inspired songs to play. The quiet ushers the thoughts that have been swirling to single file through my conscious mind. Time the one thing that matters most in this world. How we spend it? What we decide is most important? these questions are what I am most concerned about lately.
Last Saturday I had to get an MRI for the first time. Referencing the tunnel vision that I experienced is what made me focus the thoughts that had been swirling. For 40 minutes I was told to lay still. That stillness was my focus. I thought was I in love with the lie? Was I in denial? no life is what we make it and I’ve been making the most out of it lately. I focused on three things that ran through my mind:

  1. Understanding the recent knee pain I was having
  2. What does diversity really mean
  3. Anticipation for my career

These three topics were swirling. I have been having knee pain for a while now and I am taking steps to make sure I can start to feel better. The MRI was what the doctor recommended. I am getting there but I know I’ll have a solution.

Diversity has been on my mind because it is one of the core projects I am working on. Understanding what diversity means in the workplace and a school system. Leading conversations about making sure that we institute sustainable solutions for diverse recruiting and retention. This has also been a discussion at home as my wife has been reading articles about interracial couples and how they deal with the normal prejudice of the world. I do not think much of it. I understood what I was getting myself into and I would make the same choice. A family is what I wanted. Love is what makes me happy. Currently, I love my home life and work. I am so captivated by how my career is advancing. Work is challenging taking me out of my comfort zone and making me better for it.

The point you ask well I wanted to blame a great deal of the thinking on the MRI. I think without having the 40 minutes of stillness I would not have been able to focus. I needed that. Sometimes we need time to focus. Focus our thoughts and out conscious. Take the time to focus your thoughts.

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