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Flows on flows, I might drown in this bitch

Ye found a pro, I guess I’m profound in this bitch

My dad from Louisiana, man the smallest town

Where if they know you’re brown, they might hold you down and even hose you down, man

    -Big Sean, Light

Drowning yeah life is like that sometimes. Sometimes in a literal sense and figurative at others. March so far has been a very dreary month. The type of weather where the comfort of a good book, comfortable chair, a warm quilt and a cup of tea are the best state of mind. If you’re like me in these times your creative energy peaks. You have a rush like the downpour of rain during a flood. Flows on flows, like Sean says, creative thoughts whirling in your head. At these times I’m overtaken by nostalgia. Thinking of past events, social experiences, and conversations that I once had. Remembering what made these experiences most enjoyable. My hobbies are like that for me. They are the flood of emotions that overtake me when I’m immersed in a narrative. We all have many hobbies some more than others but for me; I’m a gamer, avid reader, and a blogger. Finding time for these is difficult at times but in those dreary months like this march has been I thrive as it is the perfect atmosphere to sit with a book, tablet, laptop, notebook or controller and let the story take over. A flood, a deluge of emotion, experience, and perspective laid bare to enjoy.

What kind of narratives matters most to me? Well, that question is difficult because it really depends on what I want to experience. Narratives that speak on a multitude of topics from a personal struggle to justice to psychological warfare or just looking at life from a different perspective. You’re probably wondering why any of this matters. I thought I would give you a peek into the thoughts that hose me down. Let’s look at each of these.

I.  Reading

When I’m reading, first I like a real book. Hardcover or paperback doesn’t matter, but I want words on a page, not a screen. There is just something calming about holding a book. I find myself reaching for biographies, self-improvement or fantasy books in feeding my need. I enjoy perspective and reading about life from another person’s point of view. Books offer a different feeling that I just don’t get from the anime, manga, and gaming. Like, I said before there is just something about turning the pages to a different view. When I think of my current reading list:

When it comes to reading there is also manga, manhwa, and Chinese web novels. I picked these up in college and the rich perspective of different cultural values had kept me going. I have a short list but they all offer a refreshing take on the comic book culture of American society.

Manga and manhwa

  • Tower of God
  • Ares
  • The God of high school
  • Witch Hunter Robin
  • Witch hunter
  • Dr. Gray-man
  • Deadman Wonderland
  • Veritas
  • The Breaker: New Waves

Chinese web novels

  • Renegade Immortal
  • Battle through heaven
  • The Great ruler
  • Wu Dong Qi

II.  Gamer

Second, I’m a gamer. I primarily rotate between fighters and rich action adventure with detailed storylines. There are moments when I can get in on a first person shooter (FPS) but that is only in a more social context. I reach for games like Borderlands and such. Often more times than not you can find me in the zone playing the following:

  • Infamous-Second son
  • Mortal Kombat
  • Street fighter
  • Watchdogs

Recently I’ve been playing Horizon-Zero Dawn, the game is amazing the story is very captivating and I’ve only made it about halfway through. Games like this are why I’m a gamer. I like to immerse myself in the story much like I do when I’m reading.

 III.   Blogger

Last but not least I’m a blogger. I have an obsession and need to write. Understanding people and perspective is what writing is for me. Influences, internal conversations and the rich narrative that I experience from reading and playing games help me work on being a better writer. Constructing the complex thoughts that swirl in my head like flood waters in a great ocean.

My hobbies are listed with blogging last because it was the evolution to experiencing many different things that I chose to expose myself to. Blogging is a purposeful outlet of emotion and experience. Profound isn’t it. Sometimes I have small strokes of genius but only because of the rich experiences that I have with others. The time spent immersed in rich stories and the conversations that I have with others after. These are my hobbies. I ask what are yours. How do gain perspective? I ask you what your hobbies are. What do they say about you? My hobbies say that I enjoy a good story, deep rich expanse detail, and backstories.

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