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3 days of perspective

Last week was one of training, reflection, insights, and understanding. I wish I could say that I have made it through decompression from the amount of information but sadly I have not. Let me fill in some of the blanks. As most of you know I am very much a person that looks for insights and perspective. For me it is my everything when I am reflecting through experiences or engaging with others. Much like Chance the Rappers song, Summer Friends, things come and go but it is the experience that matters. Additionally last week was a little short becuase I had taken Monday off to spend time with my wife whose birthday was Saturday. Let’s dive in. 

I went through this training as a way to further immerse myself in the culture and environment of healthcare/high education. By making myself take specialized training in the current industry I figured I could gain insight into the messaging of process improvement and lean.  See perception. Not just in my personal life but also at work I further engage in understanding the perspective others have when they are engaged in training or process improvement. So in making a concentrated effort, I registered for their second tier course, Bronze training. This training emphasizes key principles as well as molding organization lean leaders. I was fortunate to have one of my colleagues teaching the course so I often found myself talking shop over breaks and lunch.  The focus of their curriculum was on instilling the lean principles of Knowledge, skill, and behavior. Through these three mechanisms, the healthcare sector seeks to keep respect for people and improvement as a driving industry force.  The training offered me exactly what I had hoped, perspective. I was able to interact and engage with many individuals in the medical profession; Nurses, Physicians, Medical assistance and physician assistants were just some of the individuals.  While engaging with these individuals I started to realize some of the difficulties they face. How some of their intrinsic problems could be solved and how this could apply to my support.

I’m still trying to decipher through my insights and apply this to higher education, but I already feel like I know how to make more of an impact. I enjoy perspective and if you haven’t noticed that my blog, this space centers around it. For me perspective is everything. I needed to speak to the perspective I gained and just could not let the experience go by. Writing it down makes it fresh, raw and visceral. It helped me to formulate a plan. I started implementing some of the lean principles in how I manage the blog. Looking over the horizon. What’s next? form some new habits? maybe but working steadily to analyze, reflect and write. Providing perspective.

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  1. Ryan Biddulph May 10, 2017

    I vibe with you on writing stuff down; this practice lays everything bare. I always go to pen and paper if it’s time to REALLY gain perspective on something. Found you via the Reddit group; keep up the good work!


    • chaoscream May 10, 2017 — Post Author

      Thank you for the encouragement Ryan. I appreciate the feedback.

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