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Perhaps this is your first time visiting my space. Maybe you’re a long time reader, either way, you may be wondering why I spend so much time writing about perspective.

You ask why perspective encompasses so much of my writing well at times I am not sure. At others, I would tell you it is because for me I seek to understand. Curiosity the how, true understanding beyond the simplistic feelings of emp[athy and sympathy. Connection. I am always looking for a sense a community, not at the expense of my morals or values but understanding, This is why my writing is focused on perspective.

People connection, the shoes we each wear these are what motivated me to create a small sweater and headphones. I wanted to reach and interact with a community of thinkers, creatives, lovers, fathers, mothers, wives, husbands, sons and daughters, Everybody.

Speaking of Everybody, I’ve been sitting with Logic’s album of the same name, Everybody. His symbolism and metaphors to explore the experience and thoughts of growing up as an interracial person are very diverse. I’m intrigued by songs like Everybody, Ink Blot, Black Spiderman and America because they show some of the rawest emotion. I’m invested in the interracial experience because my daughter is an interracial child. Being able to at least understand some of the juxtapositions of inner contrasting thoughts is something that I want to understand more. My feeling is if I can understand that perspective I can help my daughter navigate through some of those concepts. I am more informed and can have those conversations. Again perspective. The song AfricAryaN speaks specifically to that inner struggle the conflict, and interesting enough the song was written by both J.cole and Logic of which both are interracial individuals.

The interesting piece of perspective and why for me it is so important is that repeatedly the importance comes through in conversation, acceptance, and understanding. It builds on experience and bridges the gap between knowledge and understanding. So what do you think?

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