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Everday Reprieve

I went away for awhile again. A short reprieve from actually posting. I needed the space to concentrate on life. Going to a wedding, time with family, no internet it seemed like a good time to just suspend posting for awhile. I also wanted that last post to sit. Think about my current engagement. Improve my social media engagement and look to what’s next.

Life is like that sometimes you just have to play catch-up. For no other reason at all then you decided to take a few days and be lazy. So let me catch you up on how life has been for the past week and a half.

First, the wedding and travel to my in-laws went off perfectly. No flight issues and we went to the wedding and had a wonderful time. It was a little bit of a struggle as my daughter, L was off schedule the entire time we were going but it was within reason as we enjoy the time with my in-laws. Lots of time spent with family. The new beginning is refreshing. Seeing a couple begin their journey in marriage. Then we got back to a short work week, 2 days. This was an intensive 2 days as I had a very intensive all day workshop that our improvement team ran.
Thursday by the close I was exhausted so I was glad I had taken Friday off.

Friday came and I celebrated my ten year wedding anniversary with a lunch date and a movie. We went to one of our current favorite places. The movie we saw was gifted. It was one of those heart-warming movies but very emotional.
Saturday we decided to go out to dinner. My sister babysat for us and we went to our usual anniversary spot. The Meltingpot. The fondue place was wonderful as usual. I enjoy the quiet moments with my wife. I appreciate the time that we get to spend with each other and am reminded of why my wife is so important.

Sunday I went to see Wonder Woman again another great movie and that brings us current. I’ll be back in the rhythm soon.

As always thank you
Sincerely, M.

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