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GGGF Friday #1

To me, an opening lyric is so important. Number one, because it’s your first chance to hook somebody and tell them this is why you should listen to my story. Right? But the other thing is that with a rap verse, you’ve got 16 bars or times however many verses. You got all this real estate to cover, right? What makes it a challenge on a song like this is that you have a lot fewer words. So every word counts more. And if you get the words just right, I feel like there’s a poetry in them in a way to portray your train of thought that’s bigger than the sentence that you would have said, you know?

When we were talking about what was going on, I’d be like, “Dude, I don’t know. Sometimes I find myself getting into these patterns of thinking.

-Chester Bennington,

For me this speaks volumes it is also one of the reasons why music and lyrics resonate so much with my life. They are like air, I definitely could not make it through a day with out them. Chester Bennington has a point it is the first impression. An invitation of why they should listen to your story. So in my story, one of my goals is to be more consistent. So I’ve decided to start an installment called, “Go Go Gadget Flow (GGGF) Fridays”.

GGGFF could be a video, an insight, reflection or just the lyrics. Lyrics that inspire, anger, cause a reaction or just depict a deeper meaning and sense of self. I want these to be as pure of a reflection of my feelings, songs that have resonated with me and music that provokes a conversation.

This Friday I’d just like to showcase two videos. The first of Linkin Park breaking down the lyrics and meaning of the song, Good Goodbye. The second the actual music video for the song. I think it’ll just speak for itself especially given the untimely passing of Chester Bennington, I’m just in a somber mood thinking about the great music and legacy that Linkin Park has.


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