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A Jazzy birthday

This past weekend was the culmination of my birthday week. Naturally, for my birthday I like to take the time to relax and reset. I spend my birthday doing nothing taking the day off from work to sit around and be a sloth. I do run a few errands. Usually because the way the year works I have a dentist appointment. Then there is nothing that I am at least responsible for, for the rest of the day. I go to dinner with my wife and daughter. then I’m back at work the next day.

I often reserve the weekend to continue enjoying myself. It so happens that I wanted to have a date night with my wife. We asked my sister to babysit and had a night on the town.

We planned to go to this new restaurant that we had not visited before but it looked like a broken down shack. You know the type of place. A place that is creeps you out with dirty outdoor seating, damaged furniture and a door with a rod iron storm door. A place that is filthy and not at all appealing, especially for somewhere you want to go to for a date. I took one look at the place and said we are not going there. My wife agreed. So on a spur of the moment, we ended up at the Jazz Kitchen. A very quaint and robust place where the aura of jazz permeates the atmosphere like steam off of freshly laid asphalt.

We were in luck not only did they have room for us. We were front row for the set. This was one of their special events that featured a local artist for his third studio album release, “Where Is My Mind?”. The artist was Charlie Ballantine and his band. More information on Charlie Ballantine can be found here.

The music was very inspired it ranged from contemporary jazz to some more classical sounds. The undertones were soft and focused while the set as a whole was very emotionally charged. Charlie Ballantine is an amazing musician. I have to say that this was a very good end of a birthday week. Though I listen to a lot of hip hop, jazz is my first love. It is the genre of music I find myself most resonating to when I need to decompress. Jazz allows me to center, evaluate and analyze. Three things I do often. So I tell if you ever get a chance to listen to some local jazz do so.

Well, as always thank you

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