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To Honor or Obey?

I had a post planned out for today but I got up this morning and felt like I should instead share a story.
Yesterday I had an interesting conversation about men’s and women’s roles in a marriage. the question was asked, “do you obey your husband?” Interesting enough one woman said yes while the other laughed. Then they asked me if my wife obeyed e I said 50/50. I understand that in most common marriage ceremonies it does say t honor and obey, but I do not think this is in a literal sense.

As the first woman who said yes explained it is not about being subservient but allowing the man to lead. She acquiesces to allow him to make the decisions and follows his lead. In her opinion, it was funny that so many women she had had a conversation with talk about being unhappy in their marriage and lives. She said that to her a great part of this was because in most cases it’s because these were also the women that said they do not obey they attempt to lead and do not let their husbands provide.
In some ways, I see the difference and a lot of the unhappiness stem from the husband not feeling like he is leading.

The second woman interjected and said she agreed. Unlike the women who have to lead or be right, she said that it is similar to my relationship a 50/50 split. She spoke to the point about strong willed women and then posted another idea about setting ego aside and being apologetic. I had to laugh a little as she explained a small argument that she and her husband got into about how to set up the cable. The main point was how no matter what happened both women agreed that their husbands often apologized when they were wrong and they did the same.
A big part of the honor and obey is respect. A part of that respect is respecting each other’s opinions, insights and views. The hard relationships are that because one or both partners aren’t flexible enough to understand the give and take. There is also an aspect of humbling yourself to apologize when you are wrong. I know that some men have an issue with this but for me, I like to keep the peace. Life is short to sweat the small stuff. So what do you think? Ladies do you honor or obey? Gentlemen what are your thoughts.

As always thank you

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