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Lessons Learned While Parenting

Raising kids is difficult. no one said that it would be easy but there are some days that my little girl, L smiles and it makes it all worth while. then there are others that test my patience as a person. I got to thinking about the lessons I’ve learned while being a parent. This is what I came up with.

Lesson 1 – Be human
We are each imperfect people we have flaws, we lose sight of what matters and at times make decisions based off of emotion. Know that this is part of life no matter what happens let it be natural. In some cases I see parents try to not be themselves around their kids and to me this is a disservice. You are teaching your child to wear a mask. So allow yourself to be you especially around your child. Let them see you for who you are.

Lesson 2 – Forgive yourself
I’m a father of a head-strong little girl and with that, there come challenges. I know I do not get it right 20% of the time but 80% of the time I am trying to make it as best as possible.
Now my style of parenting is not for everyone especially being that I like to challenge, L and at a time she gets frustrated. I ask her to try again for instances a normal dialogue goes as follows:

While driving to school-

L: Why are you stopped?
Me: You tell me why I am stopped?
L: a stop sign?
Me: No
L: a red light
Me: Yes, now what are we supposed to do if the traffic light is red?
L: stop
L: just like garret.
Me: Exactly, when do we go?
L: when the light is green.

I will make efforts to challenge her to think of things that we have watched or experienced. In my way, I want to feel as if I am at least trying. Especially when the reference, in this case, was to a Netflix cartoon(

Lesson 3- Let them be kids
Too often I see parents wanting their children to be mature and I understand it. I have had those thoughts but then I realize childhood is a time to let your child experience the innocence of life. We are jaded as adults, dreams shattered, life plans redirected and family/friends lost do not take those honest experiences away from your children. Let them enjoy the mysteries of not knowing or asking the question.

I have a Threenager, yes L is three and acts like a teenager but I know that she is not. She is a child a hurricane of emotion, excitement, and fun. Parenting does have challenges but the rewards outway the failures every time. So what are your three lessons learned? As a parent how do you relate? what is different?

as always thank you

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