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GGGF Friday #4

I’ve been thinking about many things this week but what keeps me up at night and my mind racing has been risks and opportunities.
What I mean by that is anytime we make a decision or are faced with a problem we assess the risk and opportunities each choice will provide. Over the course of time, we all face the consequence of decisions we make. Do we get married, have children, take that job and/or buy that house. These are all decisions what we make in adulthood. Some of these challenge us more than others.

This week with my mind racing I am trying to quiet it down. So in that vein, I am listening to the soothing melodic sounds of Frank Ocean’s song, Skyline To. I envision I am listlessly free falling through the sky. Taking in the serenity of being alive. Let Frank’s voice permeate through you. What are your got to songs to relax?


[Verse 1: Frank Ocean]
This is joy, this is summer
Keep alive, stay alive

Got your metal on, we’re alone
Making sweet love, takin’ time
‘Til God strikes us

That’s a pretty fucking fast year flew by
That’s a pretty long third gear in this car
Glidin’ on the five

The deer run across, kill the headlights
Pretty fucking
Underneath moonlight now
Pretty fucking

Sunrise in sight
In comes a morning, hunting us with the beams
Solstice ain’t as far as it used to be

It begins to blur, we get older (Blur!)
Summer’s not as long as it used to be
Everyday counts like crazy (Smoke, haze)

Wanna get soaked?
Wanna film a tape on the speed boat?
We smell of Californication
Strike a pose

Everything grows in the Congo
Everything grows

Can you come when I call again?
[Verse 2: Frank Ocean]
On comes the evening
Gold seeking ends
Piece in my hands worth twice than a friend
And two limbs over shoulder, carried away

Because I’m stronger and the Congo is dim (smoke)
In comes the morning (smoke)
In comes the morning (haze)

AS Always thank you


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