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If you have followed me for the last three years you would have experienced some of my journey in becoming a parent. I’ve touched on my experiences. The joys and sorrows from the perspective of a black man raising an interracial child. I’m not one that follows the news terribly but I do follow twitters so I was a bit taken back by the trending topic of Charlottesville. I’m not at all surprised just applaud. I wish I could say that America as a country is bigger than that, but it’s not.

20170812_1128451120544303Enough of the new flash like many of you do not follow the news. I wanted to focus on the uplifting events of the past few days. Decompress from my reflection. Let me paint the picture for you. Saturday was spent with family and friends at the state fair. A day of allergies, animals and fatty foods. It was amazingly refreshing and exhausting all at the same time. This has become a mainstay for us taking our daughter, L to the fair so that she can see the animals. The light in her eyes and the smiles make it completely worth it for me. This is even though I know I will pay for it later on as I will be doped up on a combination of Zyrtec and Benadryl to combat my various allergic reactions. This would normally result in me being laid up all day on Sunday to recuperate; however, this weekend was an exception.

L was starting a new preschool/daycare program so we wanted her to be able to transition well. In that spirit, my wife K set up a play date with one of her friend from the previous daycare. The event a pick-nick and morning at the park letting them play. This would normally be OK except this meant two straight days of me having to be doped up without a reprieve. I guess it is okay. I mean like I told L, she is the only reason why I subjected myself to that. The day was one of the smiles, conversation, and bittersweet goodbyes. At the end of the day, we had to tell L that she would be able to see her friend again as we could set up another play date. Even though she would go to a new school, meet new friends she could always play with her old friends.

In another respect, it was refreshing to me. I do not normally get along with a lot of the other parents. One I am usually the only person of color. the other is that most of the families that we have been around playing the game of keeping up with the Jones, and I am just not for that. I could care less about materialistic things in the sense of being or having something better than someone else. I either want something for the value of entertainment that it will give or it will enrich my life in some way. So needless to say because of this I often alienate myself from many parents. This was an exception I really enjoy L’s friend’s parents. They are both from Indy and have a very humble down to earth personalities. I feel that I can just shoot the shit. What makes this interesting to me and a little comical is that the other parents that I get along with are also in very professional jobs. These two are both lawyers and the other set of L’s friend’s parents are both dentists. We are all around similar ages and in similar stages of life. We can talk about having more kids, what’s next? and just family in general our fears, successes and failures. No judgment just talking.
Think about that when was the last time you could have a candid conversation with someone other than your significant other about life. It probably has been awhile. So in that respect, I am exhausted from this weekend and refreshed at the same time. I’m bringing a refreshed energy. For me, it is always going to be a balance between finding professional and play dates. Have you found those parents that  you can relate to? Do you have a parent support system?


As always thank you

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