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Community and Intent

Today let’s focus on starting and ending. A great deal of my time away was spent with family. Flights to the west coast, time in the secluded woods, a wedding, and community. I’ve been all over the place. Slightly exhausted, mind weary, and just in a different space.

Between the time I’ve been gone. I’ve had conversations with similar age people. The story and narrative are different. Much different from conversations with those around middle age. These conversations bring me joy. They are a reference to a moment in time. I have those often. Where I enjoy recalling the who, what, when, where and why of the moments I’ve enjoyed. Maybe it’s because I’ve never been where they are or because I’ve always separated myself from some of the mundane social experiences. I am an introvert. Sucluded and reserved.

Regardless of the differences, the trip was both frustrating and refreshing. Community and intent. What do those two words mean to you? Well, this was the theme for the wedding. Not colors, or your standard time period but something deeper. Something progressive. Something only a millennial would come up with. I struggled with this. I’m sure others have to. What are community and intent? For me, a community is those that you choose to surround yourself with. Those people that you can depend on. Intent well that is trickier. The intent is your motivations behind your actions. What is your message? Why are you doing the things you do. I think a majority of this blog is the intent. I’m not there yet but I’ve made progress. I guess for me the wedding was exactly what it should have been a place for gathering together to celebrate.

That’s where I am the frustrating aspect of the weekend was that it was an almost entirely vegetarian event. So for 4 days straight I didn’t get any meat. As you can imagine this was extremely rough with a toddler who was already on the schedule. All in all the timing was great. Take a look through some of the photos below.


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