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Conversations and Tensions:

I had the conversation again, you know the one about being the oldest setting an example for your younger sibling. Its the reaching out that gets me. We are both adults now and as much as I sometimes think about reaching out. I don’t. It’s not for any other reason than I do not want to indulge the pity conversation.

The conversation went along as usual. My family asked me to reach out. While I said I do sometimes. There is something that I cannot agree with. You see my younger brother is one of those people who are in a state of self-medicating. He is not where he would like to be in life and because of his choices it has made his life rather difficult. Instead of owning it and trying to move forward though he has chosen to medicate. Trying to escape reality. So conversations with him come off slanted, the world is against me. He feels privileged and entitled though he has not earned things. So I choose to not talk or reach out.

In times like this conversation with family, it is sad. Sometimes I should get past it but then again he is grown. At this point, it is his choice to keep down this path or move forward. I can’t make this decision for him. So I can only think about what to do when he asks for help. Have you been in a similar situation? how was it handled?

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