Let me first tell you about why you are here. You ventured off the beaten path to stumble upon a small sweater and headphones, Welcome. Yes, Welcome to a place of intersecting perspective.

You came and did not realize that this is a place of music. Conversation. Reflection. Here I merge the lyrics of songs, rap bars, melodies found in the music of my life to my daily experience. These interaction shape my perspective. Like you, or maybe not feel the sense of panic, anxiousness, and anxiety in my words. The passion in my writing. The calm of the music. The passage of time.

You stopped here at small sweater and headphones, out of interest. Take a break. Follow my lead. Annotate your life. Your perspective. Being engaged, woke, aware in self-reflection. This is one perspective of the world and the integral part that music plays. The feeling of having a nice small sweater, headphones, music, and the calm. In a room at a table listening and writing. Your music. Your feelings and let us find the intersection.

Took a little break just to annotate
How I feel, damn, it’s late
I can’t sleep cause I’m paranoid
Black in a white man territory
Cops bust in with the army guns

-J.Cole, Neighbors

Follow my conversations, inner thoughts and letters to loved ones as I speak through the music that moves me. A voice through bars, lyrics, melodies. My voice, my perspective, and my realism.

Join the conversation. What’s your perspective? Your music? Your experience?

“To change ourselves effectively, we first had to change our perceptions.”
― Stephen R. Covey